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The PTA Needs You

Every year Polenta Elementary PTA provides many different resources, programs, and special events to benefit the students and staff at Polenta Elementary School. Our calendar is filled with activities for all grade levels. Please take a moment to review the information we’ve provided for you on this web site.

Remember, we are always in need of parents with enthusiasm and willingness to give. Please consider volunteering your time and talents to the PTA!

Christmas Ligt Display

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Glass Buildings

We know our financial goals from the PTA are always high, but we want nothing but the best for our students, teachers and staff. If we all work together as a team we can reach our goals and provide our students, teachers and staff with a wonderful school year. Follow the link below to see exactly where each and every dollar is coming from and going. We are an open book and want full transparency. If you have any questions/comments please fill out or comment here. Please know that we take the finances of the PTA very seriously. We know that you have entrusted us with your very hard earned money to help benefit and better the school and all students. We value each and every dollar and work tirelessly to use it in the most cost effective and beneficial way possible.

Please note that full view of this page is only available on a desktop, laptop or ipad and will not be shown on the mobile phone due to amount of information. 

When it comes to being able to provide the very best to our students and staff the phrases "Every Little Bit Helps" and "A Little Goes A Long Way" are our mottos. Here are some amazing ways you can help our school!

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