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As a member of the Polenta PTA you are also a member of North Carolina PTA and the National PTA.  There organizations are working to advocate for our children.  As part of that effort the National PTA has The Center for Family Engagement.  One of their offerings are podcasts called Notes From the Backpack.  These pod cast are about 30 minutes and discuss issues that all families deal with from time to time.  Please check out practical ideas from real experts with real life strategies for real family issues.  

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A Podcast for Parents, By Parents

Who answers your questions about homework, bullying, school discipline, the transition to middle school?

Listen to Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast and get the answers to the burning questions you have about how to best support your child's education and development. We know you have a lot to keep up with at home and throughout the school year and these episodes will support you every step of the way!


Real Experts. Real Parents. Real Conversations.


Each 30-minute podcast will give you the inside scoop on how to help your child succeed in and out of school.

Hear unique perspectives from experts, parents and educator guests who will give you real-life advice and ideas you can use!

Find out ...

  • How your kid is really doing in school

  • The truth about school disciple in America

  • How to handle homework

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