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Every year the PTA board builds a budget. 

With input from the Polenta principal, we decide what we would like to purchase to support our students, teachers, and staff. 

There are also operating expenses that are incurred every year, such as powering the marquee in front of the school

and bonding insurance that we are required to have. 

For many years the PTA has used funds that families have donated to bring the Artists in the School program.

The Music and the Art teachers choose artists of all sorts to come and perform at Polenta.

The STEM teacher was able to get programmable Lego Robots to use in the classroom. 

This year we have added grants to give to grade levels.  Our teachers have creative ideas to enhance the curriculum for our students.  
These grants will help take those creative ideas and make them a reality for the children of Polenta.

Additionally, funds are used to help teachers purchase items for their classrooms, teacher/staff appreciation events,

major playground equipment, and funding for Science Olympiad.


We have put together a budget for the year.  
Take a look at the projected income and expenses below.

So far we have voted to spend $15,000 on Chromebooks. That is 57 new Chromebooks for the 2019-2020 school year.

The purchase includes 25 touchscreen Chromebooks for our kindergarten students and 32 Chromebooks for older students. 

The touchscreen Chromebooks help our growing population of kindergarten students transition

from the tablets and phones they are using at home to non-touchscreen Chromebooks for first grade.  

The 32 other Chromebooks are needed due to our growing student population and to replace devices that have become obsolete. 

After about 5 years each of these devices need to be replaced.


Artists in the School has a budget of $2,000 for the 2019-2020 school year.


We are looking into a new piece of playground equipment for the playground.

Income 2019-2020
Budgeted Income 2019-2020
income 10_16_19.png
Expenses 2019-2020
Budgeted Expenses 2019-2020

Expense Type Key

expenses 10-16-19
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